Take time out for yourself


If you're anything like me, you have a desire to create more space for yourself and prioritise your wellbeing in a way that is accessible.


Maybe you want to breathe better.  Or maybe you just want to delve deeper into your practice. Or maybe you have children you want to introduce to yoga.


Whatever your reason, I have created these online courses of varying levels and commitments for you to take at your own pace. Don't see what you're looking for?



Yoga Therapy 

A specific yoga therapy course for children.

Four classes of 30 minutes, each with a different theme and heading towards a common goal of calm. 

Using a toolkit of poses, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation, these classes are fun and accessible for children and teenagers.

£20 for families

(Schools please contact me for access)


Basic & Advanced

Two unique courses to deepen the life force that runs through you - the breath.

Guiding you through powerful techniques that cleanse, clarify and restore your breathing patterns. These classes are short, sweet and life-affirming. 

£15 for both

or £10 each


go within

Experience the magic of stillness. 

This bundle of 3 classes is an insight into Yin - precious time to slow down, rest and restore. Each class focuses on a different area of the body, and finishes with a sweet extended relaxation.  

Grab your blankets and join me!



A series of 8 + hour long classes that focus solely on one thing - rest.

Guiding you through ancient techniques that tap into the parasympathetic nervous system to find equilibrium; send love to yourself and rediscover a new way to live, with permission to rest when you need.