The Foundations of Yoga

Taking us back to the foundations of our meditation, yoga and breathing practise: this course comes back to the why of yoga, through simple and grounding techniques. Helping you to build a sustainable practice from the ground up. 


A 4-week long course including 8 yoga practices, 4 meditation and breathing classes, an Ebook - Journal with detailed information, and feedback from your teacher.

This is the perfect course if:


-You're a more experienced yogi wanting to take it back to basics,

-You have 1-year and under practice,

-You're a complete beginner 

Tash is a great yoga teacher. I really loved this course. Tash’s teaching technique of keeping the class moving but checking in on form and the breath at a steady pace really helped my positioning and how confident I felt in my yoga practice. The perfect beginner course to yoga. I would highly recommend!


Throughout this 4 week course you'll be guided by online videos, recordings and live chats with your teacher to help you get the most out of your experience. 
Week one - The Breath: An introduction to meditation and two yoga practices. 
Week two - Sun Salutations: Flowing with the breath through meditation and two yoga practices.
Week three - Intentions: How intentions inform our practice. Visualisation meditation and two yoga practices. 
Week four - Balance: on and off the mat. Meditation and two yoga practices.

£45 - full price 

£30 - concession

Access to videos for 1 month after the course.





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