Go Within

Experience the magic of stillness. 

This bundle of 3 classes is an insight into Yin - precious time to slow down, rest and restore. Each class focuses on a different area of the body, and finishes with a sweet extended relaxation.  

Grab your blankets and join me!



A bundle of 3 x 30 minute Yin classes, targeting  different areas of the body that hold tension. Yin is a magical practice that brings us deeper within, and impacts our energy body. Experience that magic here.
Classes in this bundle:
- Shoulders, neck and upper back
- Spine and lower back
- Hands, feet and legs
Videos are available to stream only. If, in the future, they need to be removed from the hosting platform you will be notified and given 30 days to download the classes you’d like to keep.

Yoga with Tash - Disclaimer 

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