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The mighty yoga block: 6 creative uses

There are many props in yoga: bolsters, meditation cushions, eye pillows, straps, the yoga mat itself and the mighty yoga block.

When I first came to practice yoga I thought of props as something that I would eventually move away from, but now I see them as handy pillars to enhance my practice.

Props can provide loving support, or extra challenge and spark creativity in our practice

The mighty yoga block is no exception.

And if you don't have a block to practice with at home, don't let that stop you! Depending on it's use, try a book, water bottle, table, chair or anything else of the right size you might have in your home.

So an effort to help my students and readers (you!) see that props are not the enemy, here follow 6 uses for your mighty yoga block, and their benefits.


10 uses of the mighty block to spice up your practice

1. As an aid to balance

Let's start with the basics. Our lovely block can be placed under a hand that cannot quite reach the floor in half moon pose, or help us in warrior 3 to stay steady.

2. To make balance more difficult

A block under a foot can be an excellent way to challenge our balance in tree pose. Try moving around on one leg or closing your eyes to make this even more challenging!

3. As a neck release

Use the block under your neck to find some MFR and self massage goodness. This is really beneficial for a whole host of muscles under the head that sometimes get 'stuck'. Try this video to get the benefits.

4. Sit on it!

Sit on the edge of your block to help tilt the pelvis forwards and find more length in the spine. This will help to find some more height in those forward folds and potentially a different sensation in your legs, back and spine.

5. Supported bridge

One of my favourite ways to end the yoga practice before savasana (read about amazing pose that here) is do to a supported bridge. Place the block on its lowest height, lift your hips and slide it underneath. Stay for 1 - 5 minutes!

6. Put it on your head

Hear me out with this one...! A practice I love to do to with children and teenagers, but is also a fun way to spark new pathways of balance in your practice. Try walking around, standing up and sitting down,

balancing on one leg, anything you like.

Fancy a go with your props?! Try this compassion practice with your block:

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