A series of 8 + hour long classes that focus solely on one thing - rest.

Guiding you through ancient techniques that tap into the parasympathetic nervous system to find equilibrium; send love to yourself and rediscover a new way to live, with permission to rest when you need.  



A complete course that takes you to deep rest.
Using four distinct pillars of ancient techniques, this course covers Pranayama, Taoist medicine, Inner Child Work and Yoga Nidra. 
Classes in REST Bundle:
- Intro to Pranayama
- Pranayama to REST
- Yin Yoga Liver Meridian
- Yin Yoga Kidney Meridian
- Working with Emotions
- Greeting the Inner Child
- The Mind & Meditation
- Yoga Nidra
Videos are available to stream only. If, in the future, they need to be removed from the hosting platform you will be notified and given 30 days to download the classes you’d like to keep.

Yoga with Tash - Disclaimer 

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