Having trained and worked across a number of secondary and primary schools, I am aware of not only the warm, vibrant energy of staff and students, but also the daily challenges they face. 

I teach yoga to help overcome these challenges, in a way that is tailored to your school values. 


There are 3 important reasons why yoga should be offered in your school:​

  • It decreases anxiety, something that is growing across school-aged children. 

  • It increases resilience and confidence, helping young people reach their full potential and take charge of their own health.​

  • It is a different, non-competitive sport, engaging those who are disengaged in other sports. It is also eligible for Sport Premium Funding.


I offer yoga classes weekly as after-school clubs, or as PHSEE drop in workshops. These can be for staff or students: the benefits of yoga know no age boundaries!

I am flexible about making an arrangement work for your school setting, please 'Contact Me' for more information.

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