Healing through the Meridians

The perfect way to bring stillness into your life, exploring the self-wisdom of your body and mind. 

This is a bundle of 6 Yin classes and 6 'chat' videos where I introduce the magical meridians - the theory that underpins Yin yoga. 


This course includes an Ebook and journal that helps you through this restorative journey, as well as one to one teacher support. 

An all levels group of practices (complete beginners welcome).

I loved the encouragement to slow down, let go and to care for my body. It felt like a big loving warm reassuring hug. Thank you for helping us relax and wind down. Each practice has been a real calming treat to come back to each time!



Through this restorative journey we will use Yin Yoga, journalling and reflection to deeply restore the body and mind. We will use the meridian pairs as themes for each few days, including meditation and yoga: 


WEEK ONE - Kidney meridian. The parents of other organs, focus on essential energy.

WEEK TWO - Liver meridian. The general of our overall disposition, focus on wellness. 

WEEK THREE - Stomach meridian. We'll focus on caring for ourselves, our diet. 

WEEK FOUR - Lung meridian. Letting go of what doesn't serve us. 

WEEK FIVE - Heart meridian. Love for ourselves, others and the planet. 

WEEK SIX - Pericardium meridian. What does joy mean for you? Focus on self healing. 


£20 investment

Places available for concessions, please contact me with your situation.