Yoga Space

"Yoga is not about self-improvement but self-acceptance."


Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa 

Yoga teacher,
PGCE educator & Nature Lover

Hi, I'm Tash

I've been teaching yoga since 2017 and practising for over 10 years. For me, Yoga is a moving meditation that guides me to live better. This path can free up space, time and cultivate peace in a busy life.


It is a gift to be able to share this life-changing practice with so many people of all ages.  Alongside a career as a teacher, I am an avid walker, blossoming gardener and lover of the outdoors. Yoga helps me to cultivate joy and love in all areas of my life. 

As a teacher, that is what I hope to share: this powerful reconnection to the body and mind, in a fun, accessible way.


August 2011 I take my first yoga class at a local gym at Manchester University. I fell in love with the practice and went back weekly!

September 2015 while training to become a teacher with Teach First I fell even deeper in love with the calming effects of yoga. I began to practice daily and it saves my teaching career!

October 2017 I quit my teaching job to travel to Goa, India to took my 200-Hour Vinyasa and Ashtanga teacher training with Sampoorna Yoga.

 I begin teaching part-time straight away in Bristol, alongside teaching in classrooms.

October 2018 I have fallen in love with the Yin practice while continuing to teach both yoga and in schools, and take my Yin 50-Hour training with Angela Jervis Read. I begin to teach more yoga classes in Bristol.

In 2019 I start teaching yoga to children, first completing a Calm for Kids workshop and a Special Yoga course for teaching yoga to vulnerable children. I fall in love with teaching kids yoga, and host workshops for teachers and sports coaches on yoga's benefits.  

September 2019 I begin teaching yoga full time, working with schools, nurseries, community centres and studios in Bristol. ​My diary is full and I love reaching so many people! In this time I take my 30-Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training.

March 2020 I move to Yasodhara Ashram for 6 months to dive deeper into Yoga Philosophy. I set up my Youtube channel to keep in touch with my students at home! From the Ashram I run my first 3 online courses that sell out. I take my Pranayama 30-Hour Teacher Training and begin to practice every day.

September 2020 I am invited to teach at Mahakala Retreat centre, a magical experience with many wonderful retreat guests. I loved teaching on retreats, and his time inspired me to run my own...

November 2020 I have more online courses, workshops and retreats in the diary so watch this space! The last 10 years has made me so passionate about this practice and sharing it with you. Keep in touch to see what's next here.