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Yoga Space

"Yoga is not about self-improvement but self-acceptance."


Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa 


I'm Tash - an avid walker (especially with my dog), marmite fan, and lover of the outdoors. Thank you for being here.


Since I took my first yoga class in 2010, my relationship to this practice has changed a lot. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that everyone's practice is beautifully different and evolving. But most of all it is deeply personal

For me, Yoga is a toolbox for life that guides us to live in a more aligned way (and have fun exploring our bodies while doing it!)

My days consist of teaching yoga to adults and children in schools, studios and 1-1 settings. It is a privilege to work with diverse communities in my work, and I am passionate about making your yoga practice work for you. 

As a teacher, that is what I hope to share: this powerful reconnection to your own body and mind, in a fun, accessible way.



My teaching style is primarily informed by my advanced training in Yoga Therapy at Yoga Medicine, a holistic approach to class planning that brings therapeutic benefits. As a lifelong student, I am continually learning from my experiences, guides and teachers on this path. 


Advanced Yoga Therapy at Yoga Medicine 500-Hour

Modules: Spine, Hip, Shoulder, Myofascial Release, Traditional Chinese Medicine,

Trauma Informed Yoga, Sequencing with Purpose

The Bagavhad Gita with Sthira Yoga 40-hour

Retreat Leader at Mahakala Retreats 

Extended Karma Yoga at Yasodhara Ashram

Advanced Pranayama with Sthira Yoga 50-hour

Yoga Nidra with Kelly Smith 22-hour

Yin Yoga Angela Jervis-Read 50-hour
Ashtanga Vinyasa Sampoorna Yoga 200-hour

Additional qualifications for Kids and Teens Yoga, and teaching yoga

to vulnerable young people. See my work at The Calm Club here

It has been unforgettable to have Tash as part of our team at Mahakala Retreats 

She provided our guests with knowledgeable, inspiring and soothing classes over the Pandemic. We have noithing but high priase for her classes, and we will miss her sorely. 

Marijana, Montenegro



1-1 Yoga

Practice Yoga 1-1 with me to build your personal practice. I work with specific injuries to create holistic healing. 



Dive deeper into your practice of yoga, TCM pranayama or rest through a workshop. Both in person or online. 


Online Practices

From Group programmes to online self-paced courses and Youtube. Choose an option that suits you. 

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