Take time out for yourself

If you're anything like me, you have a desire to create more space for yourself and prioritise your wellbeing in a way that is accessible. Maybe you're curious about how to take yoga off your mat.  Or maybe you just want to delve deeper into your practice.


From this space I have created these online courses. Each course takes you deeper into an element of yoga - whether it be for Advanced Practitioners, Yin Yoga, or simply finding the breath. My aim is to help you rediscover self-love and awareness through this practice we call yoga. 


I hope you find something to suit your needs.


The Foundations of Yoga

A 4-week long course including 8 yoga practices, 4 meditation and breathing classes, an Ebook - Journal with detailed information, and specially selected playlists. By the end of this course, you will feel confident to begin your own yoga and meditation practice.  

This is the perfect course for those with 1-year and under practice,  or if you want to take it back to basics, and the core of why we practise. Complete beginners welcome.


Healing through the Meridians

This is a bundle of 7 Yin classes, 7 'chat' videos where I introduce the magical meridians - the theory that underpins Yin yoga. A perfect way to bring stillness into your life, exploring the self-wisdom of your body and mind.

An all levels group of practices (complete beginners welcome).





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