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The Pranayama Habit - 21 Day Breathwork Journey

  • 90Days
  • 49Steps


Join me on this 21 day journey to build a breathing practice to transform your wellbeing. Yogis have known for centuries that breathing (pranayama) practices are foundational to health. With our world becoming more stressful, understanding how, and why to breathe better is more important than ever. Using ancient techniques we will enliven our body, cleanse our mind and connect to our spirit. We'll dive deep into the theory of building a consistent pranayama habit through tried and tested habit-forming techniques. The course is made up of 3 key parts, each broken down into daily practices. Part 1 is all about the basics of the breath. We'll build an awareness of each breath and our habits, and then explore ways to create healthy, deep breaths. We'll explore the key role of the diagphram and conclude with a practice to put it all together. Part 2 our focus is returning to balance. We'll explore breathing and self massage exercises that quickly balance the nervous system. Later in the week we'll look at a habit forming technique to make habits easier. We'll finish off with a longer relaxation session to bring it all together. Part 3 we'll get deeper. Our breath can be a healing, transformative and tool for conscious expansion. We'll explore deeper, expanded breathing, and finish by building our very own breath practice to stick to.



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