Yin, Thai Massage & Yoga Nidra: The Self-Wisdom Series

2-4pm, Saturday 8th February @ Wild Wolf's Yoga

Unravel the layers of the physical and non-physical body in this 2-hour restorative journey back to the self; tapping into ancient wisdom rooted in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda.

We will explore the energy lines through deep held Yin Yoga poses, complemented by therapeutic touch from the Thai Massage lineage.Sensing into the now, the mind falls away to reveal peace both physically and mentally.

To finish, Tash will guide us through an empowering Yoga Nidra meditation, moving through the layers of yourself to plant a seed of self-acceptance. In this deep state of relaxation, be carried upon a musical journey with silky tones of Indian Bamboo Bansuri Flute, Singing Bowls, and enchanting wind-chimes.

This practice is a wonderful opportunity to focus on rejuvenating the body and mind after the long winter months and the festive period.


Contact me to book. All levels of experience welcome

Monthly Toddler Yoga Classes

14.15-15.00 Saturdays @ Bristol City Yoga

Dates: 23 February

A fun, engaging and creative course for toddlers and their adults. Mums, dads, carers, aunties, uncles, grannies, all are welcome!

Parent and toddler yoga gives you the space to relax and enjoy the practice alongside your little one. Providing a lovely opportunity to bond with each other, connect to the body and breathe whilst having some fun.

Every class closes with a mini savasana (relaxation), a time for you and your little one to snuggle under a blanket together and await a special visit from the magical yoga butterfly!

These monthly classes are held in yoga studios and all equipment is provided.

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New Year Open Heart Workshop

1-3pm, Saturday 11th January @ Pure Yoga Bristol

Join me to welcome 2020 in with an open heart. This extended practice will focus on safely building towards deeper backbends.


Creating space in the front body is a physically rejuvenating practice and an excellent way to counteract the effects of spending long hours sitting on the hips and lower back.

On a more subtle level, opening the heart space will help us to let go of some of the layers we put on to go about our daily lives, allowing us to feel honest about who we are and, above all, respond to this with kindness. To complement this, the workshop will end with a Yoga Nidra meditation on letting go of our fears.

This is a great opportunity to join an extended invigorating practice focussed on backbending and ending with a deep, nurturing rest.

All levels of student welcome.

£20, book online here or via MoveGB

Yin to Yang and Yoga Nidra

14.30-16.30 Saturday 9th November 2019 @ Pure Yoga Bristol

Join Tash for a complete immersion into the opposing forces of stillness and strength, dark and light, feminine and masculine: Yin and Yang.

The practice will begin with an inward yin practice to soften the body and still the mind. Moving into a strong sequence to stabilise the core, shoulders and lower body through a Vinyasa-flow style.


The final part of the workshop will be a yoga nidra based meditation, turning awareness inwards for rest and restoration. Come to experience being strong yet soft, restored yet energised.


Investment: £20 or book via MoveGB. Book on here

Ember: Women's Wellness Retreat

10.30 - 13.30 Saturday 5th October 2019 @ Hanham Woods

Bushcraft meets Yoga in this mini 3 hour retreat in a beautiful, private woodland in Hanham. Spend time in the woods with our qualified and enthusiastic instructors Nic & Tash.

Nic will guide you through the art of fire-lighting alongside mindful activities and natural crafts, and Tash will lead you in an hour long yoga workshop inspired by the surrounding, ancient woodland.

There will be a campfire with hot drinks and delicious snacks and time to relax, reflect and chat in a welcoming space. Our world is so full of pressure and expectation, endless to do lists and the media telling us we simply aren’t enough. Well we say enough! Take some time just for yourself, reconnect with how you are feeling, have a giggle, chat around the campfire and learn some new skills.

For more information and booking click here.

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