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Release: Self Massage Online Course

  • 90Days
  • 31Steps


This self-paced 6 week course will teach you how to self massage using MFR, where to massage and why. We'll target different areas of the body each week, covering our whole body head to toe with massage and rolling techniques. This course empowers you to take self-care into your own hands with simple, take-home practices designed to leave you feeling unwound. INCLUDES: - Over 20 MFR, yoga and anatomy videos for different scenarios for you to watch again and again - Various length videos to fit into your schedule (from 10 - 60 minutes) - Guidance on preventing injury, increasing mobility and rejuvenating the body - Learn holistic acupressure points throughout the body for balancing emotions - Discover the theory and WHY behind the practice (and where not to roll!) - 1-1 support from an experienced therapeutic guide throughout and beyond the course - Access to the course for 90 days, download your favorite videos + OPTIONAL BONUS! a 1-1 MFR & yoga therapeutic class to learn extra and specific techniques for YOUR body (select VIP option) Join to discover the foundations, the techniques, materials needed & cautions on where NOT to roll and why. To understand your body better, and leave feeling lighter and empowered with new self care techniques. With clear guidance, you'll master the art of self-myofascial release and take your practice into your own hands. For good!



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