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If you're looking for yoga for your children, you're in the right place. I founded The Calm Club to bring accessible and fun yoga to more children.

I have been a classroom teacher since 2015 and have taught in both secondary and primary settings. From this, I have an excellent understanding of the vibrant energy of staff and students, but also the daily challenges they face.  I teach yoga in schools to help overcome these challenges and build a toolkit for resilience. 

I am confident in classrooms all the way from preschool to age 18. Yoga is an invaluable tool for students, school communities and staff. I look forward to working with you.


One off Day

- PSHE Session / Drop down day

 With whole school mini sessions linked to managing stress a

-Within PE 

I have previously taught one off PE sessions for schools focussing on wellbeing 

Staff Wellbeing

-As part of an inset or similar


Regular Classes

- Interventions 

I previously offered weekly yoga as part of the school day for small vulnerable groups of students (with learning needs or high levels of stress) 

-After school club

Weekly sessions for students after school, funded by the school or parents

Staff Wellbeing

-Weekly classes that focus on relaxation, coping with stress and building good habits


PGCE Geography Secondary

Calm 4 Kids Teaching Teens Yoga

Trauma Informed Yoga for Youth with Yoga Ed

Registered Children's Yoga Teacher

Teaching Yoga to Vulnerble Young People - Special Yoga


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