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Love your feet!

Yoga is famous for being a bare-footed activity. Ancient Yogis walked around without shoes in their daily lives, whereas in our modern world we wear shoes 99% of the time. 

Feet are important for any movement we're doing standing, which could include walking, yoga poses, balancing, running, jumping, reaching... 

But also are hugely important for proprioceptive awareness (the magical ability to sense where we are in space).

Being able to sense where we are in space is not only important for keeping us safe and not bashing into things, but can help us to keep grounded in the present moment through a sense of where we are. 

Yoga is an ideal practice to work with the deep intrinsic foot muscles that are so important for force distribution, postural control in our gait cycle (how we walk), and can even be a cause of pain in our calves and knees. 

So here's a practice that you can do as often as you like to get your feet fit, add to your yoga practice for more balance and to ground you out of a busy mind.

Want to learn more deeply about your body at your own pace? My two signature online courses are a great way to dive deeper into an area of your practice. Check them out here. 

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