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A simple practice to start every day (that you can stick to)

Sometimes the array of yoga practices on offer means we get overwhelmed with choice. Much like going into a big supermarket like Tescos, we cannot decide which type of yoghurt to buy; so as it is with yoga at times.

Should I meditate? Or chant a mantra? Or perhaps join a yoga flow class?

Like me, you might wonder what practice is best to start your day?

Over the years of practicing, I have found my preferences for practices changing and starting to evolve with how my life looks now. In my opinion this is the beauty of this practice.

Ten years ago when I started yoga, I loved dynamic flows of the Ashtanga Primary series, my body liked to move in a challenging way every day, and I loved the strict routine of the postures.

Today, I like to listen to my body on specific days, times and use the varied practices like a toolbox, to cater to my own needs.

But I always like to start my day in the same way.

The morning is a potent time. We are fresh from sleep. According to many traditions, the morning is when we absorb the most energy and set the tone for our day.

So I choose to meditate.....

Quick Read:


What is meditation?

There are many forms of meditation, but the one I choose in the morning is simply sitting still for 5 minutes, and listening.

This means focussing on my breath, how my body feels, and the emotions present.

KEY to all of this is doing it without any judgement to what's there. Just noticing, as you are, what is going on for you today.

What are the benefits?

For me, there have been many. But here are my top 3 benefits

  • Improved focus

  • Better emotional resilience

  • Quieter mind

How to stay motivated to meditate

Many of us start meditating and then stop. Then we restart and stop again.

This has happened many times to me in my meditation journey. Even though we know meditation is good for us; it makes us feel good, we sense it's power, somehow the habit slips and we stop for long periods.

So, here are my top 3 tips to stay motivated to meditate:

  1. Keep a habit tracker (like this one).

  2. Stay consistent. Meditate it in the same place, at the same time daily.

  3. Reward yourself.

I hope you enjoy meditating, any questions do send them my way!

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