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Feeling the Autumn grump? 3 simple practices I love for seasonal change

Especially in the UK, the change of seasons into autumn is very apparent.

Leaves change colour, rain patters the ground and for some of us, the descent away from summer can be long and challenging. In this blog, I aim to give you a few of my favourite Yogic resources to navigate this time of change.

This natural change of the seasons from Summer into Autumn is a time of increasing darkness outside in nature, but also within our bodies.

In many spiritual traditions across the world, Autumn is seen as a time for self reflection, nourishment and slowing down. Within Traditional Chinese Medicine this is seen as a time of energetic yang energy changing into the cooler, calmer yin; a time for gathering inward and preparing to ‘let go’ for winter.

Easier said than done for a lot of us who work 9-5 jobs, 5 days a week, not to mention the Christmas period being a busy social time!

So, how do we work with the seasons in our yoga practice?

Here are 3 of my favourite practices that help me weave a bit of slowness into my life.

  1. Sama Vritti breathing

  2. Yin Yoga

  3. Yoga Nidra

1. SamaVritti Breathing

The super simple can sometimes be the most nourishing in Autumn. This is a practice I come back to again and again, a Sama Vritti breath - literally 'equal fluctuations' in Sanskrit. A hugely beneficial one for regulating the nervous system, toning the diaphragm and helping us to feel grounded.

To practice:- Lie down comfortably

- Place your hands on your abdomen

- Notice your natural breath, and see if you can soften your body

- Start to count a 4 count inhale, and 4 count exhale

- Increase to 6 in, 6 out if you feel comfortable.

_ Stay for at least 10 rounds of breath, and notice how you feel afterwards

2. Yin Yoga

Restorative yoga and Yin are the perfect way to nestle into stillness. Our bodies naturally mirror the seasons, so I like to up my Yin yoga practices in the winter to feel into that slow, steady natural rhythm.

This practice leans into the Autumn changes and is based around the idea of letting go:

3. Yoga Nidra

The ultimate form of rest. Hands down my favourite practice for those days when you feel like your energy is zapped, frazzled or non-existent.

Read more about the practice and its benefits here. But for now, I'll just leave this practice for simple, ultimate rest here:

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