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What happens in a private (1-1) yoga class?

Practicing yoga is a very personal journey that many of us take in a public setting: a studio, community centre, or online class. I love practicing in a group - the energy and vibrance that it brings is second to none.

BUT having your own personal guidance through a private class is something very special!

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” — The Bhagavad Gita.

Wherever you are in your yoga journey you might have wondered if you could benefit from a private class, or if they are just an expensive way to practice (I also used to think this...)

But whether we've been practicing for years, months or days, everyone can benefit from more specific instruction that is tailored to their needs. Especially now I have completed my Advanced Yoga Therapy Training I see a wide variety of people for private classes with varying needs:

  • Injuries and ailments (hip impingement, sore lower back or recovering from long covid)

  • Increasing mindfulness and meditation, or using breath-work

  • Beginners who need tailored instruction

  • Advancing a specific pose (such as Crow)

  • Needing to relax, de-stress and connect to themselves

  • Advancing their practice overall

  • Wanting to understand yoga philosophy

So, what happens in private yoga?

This is how I run my private sessions, with my Therapeutic Yoga qualification. Other teachers will have their own flow and procedures!

1. You're interested in private yoga! Great. The first think I book in is an initial consultation, usually online and completely free. This is for both of our benefits: are we a good fit for each other? Can the tools I use actually help you? And what is your primary focus? We keep it very broad at this stage, and book in sessions (or not) afterwards.

2. We've booked our first few classes (usually a block of 4 - 8) and arranged where to meet: my place, your place or at a studio - for an extra fee. I'll email ahead of time to make sure you know what to bring, where to go and remind you we're meeting!

3. The first session is always a Therapeutic Assessment and Chat: essentially discussing your goals, lifestyle, health concerns and any specific injuries or ailments you think are relevant. You are in control of how much you share. We then do some functional movement tests (if required) and some yoga poses for me to gauge your needs. There is always a lot of discussion, and we end with a tailored relaxation.

4. With this new information, I plan our next yoga session, which will be a full tailored class to your needs. You choose whether it is 60, 75 or 90 minutes. These normally happen weekly or fortnightly. I always bring all of my own equipment, but you can use yours if you really love it!

5. The private yoga session is completely in your control: stop, ask questions, ask me to change something or explain. 1-1 classes are YOUR time to use as you wish, to be most beneficial to you. You receive my full attention, adjustments (if you like!) and feedback to help you progress.

6. You will likely receive 'homework' - fun and functional exercises tailored to your needs. This could be anything from breathing, MFR, a yoga pose, or a change in your posture. You will receive either a video or a handout to help you remember, and email reminders!

7. We continue working together - for injuries and physical symptoms I recommend at least 8 sessions - and throughout this time feedback to each other about what is working, what is not and what you need. I keep a digitally secure log of all of your information which informs my planning.

8. The final step and our final session involves a review and my recommendations for your continued practice. Many of my students come back to work with me after they have finished, perhaps for another concern, or just to continue their practice!

It is my goal to hand you the tools that you can do in your own time with confidence, so you can live a more balanced life - for good.

Think 1-1 Yoga could be right for you?

I am so pleased! I love working with people in this way.

Book a free consultation with me over Zoom, and we can talk through whether we are a right fit for each other. There is no commitment to book sessions after this chat,.

What my 1-1 students are saying:

"I have had a number is sessions 1 to 1 with Tash and have really benefitted from them. She listened carefully during consultation so that she planned our sessions exactly to my needs. She always had a plan B on days that I was struggling so she could adapt her sessions to what I was able to do, which I really appreciated.

Tash has given me skills, which I use all the time they are empowering me to take control of my self care which is a game changer.

Tash is the warmest and kindest soul. I’ve been really struggling with energy and my fitness has suffered and I felt really frustrated with myself. Tash has gently encouraged progress and taught me to be kind to myself. The sessions I had with Tash brought peace and calm to our home even the dog was more chilled after her visits!!:"

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