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Myofascial Release: Advanced Stress Relief

Myofascial release is a therapeutic tool that works with connective tissue to release tension (and is one of my favourite practices to do alongside yoga).

Research shows that just 30 seconds of release in an area can have an immediate impact on the tissues, and crucially how we experience our discomfort.

“MFR on its own is enough if you’re looking for range of motion changes especially.” – Tiffany Cruikshank

Not only can MFR increase our flexibility and range of motion, but it is a great way to increase body awareness and reduce stress and tension. By working with our fascia (which itself is a sensory organ), MFR gives us tactile feedback and release in the hardest to reach places!

So, here are my favourite simple MFR techniques you can do at home.

Remember: always steer away from pain and go with a sensation that feels helpful.

1. Neck release

As a long-term sufferer of neck tension (as many of us desk-workers are these days!), this technique is something I do most days, and include in a LOT of my classes.

Perfect to wind down from a day of sitting, standing, or just as a way to treat your tissues nicely!

Equipment: block, comfy place to practice!

2. Shoulder release

Hand in hand with neck tension comes upper-body tension. There are lots of MFR techniques you can do here, but this one is a great one to target the upper traps. This space at the top of the shoulder is tense for a lot of us (again perhaps due to sitting at computers for long hours)

Use this practice daily if needed!

Equipment: block, two balls, comfy place to practice!

3. Foot release

The feet are SO amazing. Many tiny bones, muscles and connective tissue adhesions coming together so we can stand, walk, run upright on these structures.

I often feel that the feet get neglected, especially in winter when we stuff them in shoes. This practice is grounding, nourishing and will have a surprising impact beyond the feet.

Equipment: ball and comfy place to practice!

MFR has been such a game changer for me, I hope that it helps you in some way too to deepen your practice.

Curious about MFR for your wellbeing? In May we join together to dive deeper into the breath with my new RELEASE: SELF MASSAGE COURSE.

This 4 week course will teach you how to self massage using MFR, where to massage and why!

We'll target different areas of the body each week, covering our whole body head to toe with massage and rolling techniques. This course empowers you to take self-care into your own hands with simple, take-home practices designed to leave you feeling unwound.

Previous feedback on MFR workshops:

"I thoroughly enjoyed my roll and release workshop! I learned masses of techniques I can incorporate into my life at home, and use them almost every day to release my tense body! Thank you!!"
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