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Why is Rest So Important? + 4 Simple Ways You're Not Getting Enough

Written by: Tash & Sarah

When was the last time you felt rested? Not just relaxed, but truly rested, in your body mind and spirit? Do you even know what this true sacred rest feels like?

Rest is essential to life. Why? Because this is when EVERY SINGLE system of your body gets a chance to reset and rejuvenate.

For us there is a big difference between the magic of true rest, and what society often tells us rest looks like. Sitting on the sofa, watching a series may feel relaxing, but if we are in a state of stress (conscious or unconscious) this type of rest is simply an escapism; distracting yourself from stress is not the same as being free from it.

The S-word

Many of us have heard that our nervous systems do not know the difference between a sabre toothed tiger and a stressful email from our boss: both trigger the fight or flight response from our autonomic nervous system. Given time, the nervous system can recover and get back to the rest and digest function where we feel calm and relaxed. The problem comes in modern day life when stress is a part of the everyday.

Over time, if we are constantly receiving signals of stress (sabre toothed or otherwise), our body and mind will be stuck in this cycle of adrenaline fatigue. This stress cycle can become very addictive and unfortunately, this can be pretty normal in 21st Century life and especially in 2020.

Rest to the rescue

Thankfully all of this stress cycle is completely reversible and all we need to do is practice resting. Simple right?

Well actually it is very simple, but we may not find this change easy. Everything can be learned and unlearned; we'd love to show you some of the ways we have learned to truly rest and how we have unlearned stress. The more we practice relaxing - which can look different for everyone - the more quickly our nervous system responds to these signals and the easier resting becomes. Think of it like training your muscle of rest - the more you practice the stronger it becomes!

We understand that there is so much on offer at the start of every new year (and especially leaving 2020), which is why we'd love to invite you to experience these simple, effective and FREE taster classes. Access them here

We have combined our knowledge and experience of Pranayama, Yin Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology and Yoga Nidra to create these classes:

  1. The Breath: deep slow and rhythmic breaths. The best and most effective tool at our disposal and it's accessible to everyone!

  2. Stillness: practice savasana or Yin Yoga to bring more awareness to the body slowly

  3. Meditation: Realise you are not your thoughts, emotions or feelings.

  4. Visualisation: 'As you think, so you become'. The power of our daily thoughts becomes our actions and life's work - harness it!

Exploring different forms of rest is the best way to find out what works for you, which is why we've given you a range of things to try.

We hope you enjoy our simple, free practices.

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